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The Samaj has started publication of Sai literature in association with M/s Sterling Publication Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi. To begin with the following books authored by Dr. Rabinder Nath Kakarya have been released on 31st August, 2004.

The book under presentation is a Hindi translated version of an English book "Shri Saibaba's Charters and Sayings: written by Shri Narasimha Swamyji. The book contains the sayings and preaching of Baba related with every sphere of human life.

The book comprises of Baba's charters and sayings, which has been presented in a simple languages, so that the disciples of Saibaba can benefit more. Author - Dr. Rabinder Nath Kakarya

This book takes the reader on a journey through the lives and times of thirty one devotees of His Holy Grace, Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi.

Dr. Rabinder Nath Kakarya brings us face to face with some of them through rare photographs and paints their life stories with details of their eventful lives. The divine presence of our beloved Baba permeates our lives as we traverse through the travails of Baba's interaction with these devout disciples.

Author - Dr. Rabinder Nath Kakarya

Sai Bhaktanubhav is a beautiful and exemplary compilation of the experience of 72 contemporary devotees of Shri Saibaba. The very significant dramatics of Saibaba and his devotees have been displayed through 57 rare pictures and 16 line sketches.

The writer and compiler of this book, Dr. Rabinder Nath Kakarya has himself met the descendents and relatives of some of the old Sai devotees and acquired valid and important information through them.

Author - Dr. Rabinder Nath Kakarya

It is known to one and all that those who step on the holy soil of Shirdi leave their troubles and earthly worries behind. For those who are yet to experience this fortunate blessing and for those who answered Baba's summons to Shirdi, this pictorial ode to Baba transports them to Shirdi. The book takes you through the enriching soul stirring experiences of various devotees who communicated and were blessed by their beloved Sai in myriad ways.

Compiled and Edited by - Dr. Rabinder Nath Kakarya

The 69 rare photographs that Dr. Rabinder Nath Kakarya puts together, reinforce the images of Baba's life and teachings which continue to fulfill and enlighten the lives of million around the globe.The book brings to life once again, the everpresent, all caring and supremely compassionate Sai Baba's who prevades the senses of those who live and swear by Him.

Dr. Rabinder Nath Kakarya pays a heartfelt tribute to the blessed souls who were fortunate beyond dreams to have walked the earth along with the omnipresent and omnipotent Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi. The twenty chapters bear a stirring account of how these chosen few received Baba's benediction and how their lives were graced and blessed by Baba's teachings. The book delves deep into the psyche and actions of these devotees of His Holiness, Whose experiences metamorphed their lives into something above the ordinary.

Author - Dr. Rabinder Nath Kakarya

VCD of the event KARMON KA PHAL,
organized by Sai Baba Mandir Lodhiroad in Jail

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This Book compiled and published by

Sh. Anand Vinod Datta (Jt. Secy. of the Sai Samaj). Distribution of this book is Free.